Shout Pets Odor Eliminator, Time-Release, Oxy, Fresh Scent

All surfaces. Oxygen bubbles remove tough odors! Long-lasting clean scent! Shout Oxy Time-Release Odor Eliminator works twice as hard as other leading oxy cleaners to remove stains & odors! First captures & destroys all airborne, fabric & hard surface odors instantly and then uses Time-Released fragrances to keep your room smelling fresh longer. Also features step-release where the scent continues to release when the carpet is walked on. Benefits: Uses the power of oxygen to target odors down to the fabric's subsurface. Powerful on set in odors while being gentle on your carpet and furniture. Goes to work on odors to eliminate evidence and prevents re-marking. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Coverage is limited to the cost of the product. Proof of purchase is required. Questions or comments? Visit: Call: 1-855-430-8100. Write: 1400 Broadway 26th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Made in U.S.A.