Full Circle Tall Kitchen Bags, Large, 13 Gallon

1 ft 11-1/2 in x 2 ft 5-3/8 in (59.7 cm x 74.6 cm). 0.69 mil. 49.2 l. www.qualitybag.com. Packaging made from 100% recycled materials. Earth friendly (Earth friendly - Our bags do not require oxygen or sunlight to breakdown and return to natural elements. Laboratory testing has shown 49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions, with not further evidence of biodegradation. Full Circle bags are made from up to 80% recycled plastics (including post-consumer)). Biodegradable in landfills. The affordable green - for the planet and the people. Contains up to 80% recycled plastics. Free of harmful toxins - Full Circle bags will not leave behind any harmful toxins when breaking down and returning to natural elements. No expiration dote - Full Circle bags will not deteriorate while on the shelf. Will not be affected by high temperatures - Our bags love all seasons and will not be negatively affected by warm temperatures. Can be safely recycled - Our bags can be safely processed for recycling with other types of plastic. A commitment to the planet and the people. By using Full Circle plastic bags, consumers can be responsibly green by helping both the environment and their budget. Our manufacturing process begins with 80% recycled plastics (including post-consumer) and uses an ASTM D5338 and ASTM 05511 recognized additive that chemically alters the plastic to breakdown in the presence of decomposing, natural organic materials. Full Circle bags will not leave behind any harmful toxins. Our bags cost significantly less than our competitors products because of our innovative manufacturing process developed and improved since our founding in 1955. Made in the USA.