Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs, Petite 15-25 lbs

For dogs 15-25 lbs 7-11 kgs. Vet recommended for dental care. Unique texture fights plaque & tartar. Daily treats 10. VOHC: Veterinary oral health council. Helps control tartar. Helps control plaque. Treat your dog deliciously. Chewy texture cleans teeth & maintains healthy gums for a sparkle in every smile. Delicious & nutritious. Balanced recipe for healthy treating. Made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals & nutrients. Freshens breath & makes mouths happy day after day. Easy to digest highly soluble ingredients. Treat Daily. Incredible in every way! Proudly made in Kansas City with quality ingredients from around the world. Since 1996. Not valid for sale in Quebec. Customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Greenies Dental Treats return the unused product to your retailer along with a receipt and statement of why you are not satisfied. Your full purchase price will be refunded. For more information visit us at Made in Kansas City.