Milk-Bone Original Dog Biscuits - Small, 24-Ounce

These Milk-Bone Original dog treats are made with love for every good boy and girl who needs a treat, just because! These tasty little dog bones are perfect to keep on hand for every day, whether you keep them on your counter in a dog treat jar for a quick reward or as dog training treat to incentivize his next skill, every pup loves these classic bones. With a crunchy texture that helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, these dog biscuits are a great (and delicious) way to clean your pup's teeth! Plus, these dog biscuits are made with wholesome ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your little buddy. Take them with you on-the-go or keep a stash in the car for a treat at the park or after a hike. These tasty small dog treats are prepared with love from our bakery to your home and are the perfect size for small dogs.