Sunridge Farm Yogurt Pretzel Twists

BPA free bag. Stay fresh resealable zipper. All natural. Made with real vanilla. rBST free (The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown and no test can now distinguish milk from rBST treated and untreated cows). 0 g trans fats. No titanium dioxide. Solar power facility! Non-GMO. For over 30 years, SunRidge Farms All Natural has meant: no preservatives or additives; no artificial colors or flavors; no hydrogenated oils; 0 g trans fat. Creamy, crunchy and sweet! Our rBST-free yogurt, made with real vanilla, is melted and gently poured over light, crispy, all natural sea salted pretzels. Cooled and packed fresh, these bite-sized treats are delicious party favorites and will delight your family and friends! Our commitment to your health, through the quality, integrity and environmental sustainability of our products, is the foundation for providing you the finest certified organic and natural foods available. We also offer a full line of quality bulk and packaged nuts & seeds, dried fruits, snack & trail mixes, cereals, confections, beans & grains, and herbs & spices. SunRidge Farms provides substantial donations toward certified organic farming, environmental efforts and socially responsible causes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If not pleased for any reason, simply mail us the empty bag for a full replacement.