With no artificial ingredients. Made with ancient grains. Gluten free. Vegetarian fed, no antibiotics. Certified gluten-free. Pork used was raised vegetarian-fed and never administered anti-biotics. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Smart Facts! Pork used was raised vegetarian-fed and never administered anti-biotics; no MSG or preservatives; excellent source of protein and calcium; free of gluten, egg, soy and rice; cheese from milk cows not treated with synthetic hormone rBGH (the FDA has said there is no significant difference between milk from cows treated with rBGH and untreated cows. No test can now distinguish between milk from treated and untreated cows). Ancient grains for a modern world. Whole Grain: 9 g or more per serving. Go Texan. Facebook - Twitter - Eat Smart! What began in Austin, Texas in 2005 as a simple gesture of goodwill to help a friend diagnosed with Celiac disease, has grown into a thriving business that produces a variety of exceptional gluten-free products. Smart Flour is our unique gluten-free flour blend of ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff. These whole grains are the cornerstone of our amazingly tasty and nutritious products. Smart Flour is free of gluten/wheat, casein/milk, egg, soy and rice. The ancient grains used in our Smart Flour blend provide vitamins and minerals that are missing from so many other gluten-free products. We are pleased to offer our own fabulous line of frozen pizzas, created from our great tasting Smart Flour crust. Many restaurants across the country are already proudly using our crust as the foundation for great gluten-free pizza. Their loyal customers will tell you, It's the best! At Smart Flour Foods, we won't settle for crumbly, tasteless gluten-free pizza, and neither should you! Be happy! The Tuscan Inspired Two Meat pizza combines authentic Genoa Salami and the gentle smokiness of Pepperoni with a zippy zestiness of our friend the Pepperoncini! Using only small, single genetic breed herds, the meats are slow cured without nitrates or nitrites. In keeping with the traditions of an old world Tuscan Norcineria, the meats are prepared using only seasonings and time, and never artificial ingredients. The perfectly paired combination of the Tuscan Inspired Two Meat pizza is now the new favorite among meat lovers the world over. Who knew gluten-free pizza could taste this good? (512) 706-1775. Please recycle.