100% pure juice. A blend of 8 juices from concentrate. All natural. Since 1960. With pomegranate extract. 16.8 mg ellagic acid. 2.1 mg punicalin. 126 mg punicalagins. Compounds analyzed with HPLC method. Pomegranate Boost Power: According to research, punicalagins, the power-packed, absorbable polyphenols are responsible for over half of the antioxidant power of pomegranate. A unique, diverse array of polyphenols along with punicalagins offer a potent synergy in the way the antioxidants are absorbed into the body. We've added Pomella Pomegranate Extract, so you get even more of these benefits than in a regular 8 oz serving of pomegranate juice. It is standardized so you know what you get every time. 100% juice. All natural. No sugar, sweeteners or colors added. No preservatives. Very low sodium. Gluten free. Pasteurized.