Quaker State Motor Oil, SAE 20W

Protection beyond 3000 miles under any driving conditions. SAE 20W-50. Quaker State now formulates its motor oil to protect engines beyond 3,000 miles. Tests show that even under severe driving conditions, our advanced formula offers protection against stop-and-go and high temperature driving, cold and engine wear. Today's vehicles and their busy drivers need today's Quaker State. Quaker State 20W-50 uses the latest technology in top quality base oils and performance additives to deliver premium protection. The result: resistance to thermal breakdown (oil thinning); protection against deposits (sludge/varnish); helps control oxidation (oil thickening); excellent volatility control (oil consumption); protection in changing climates (heat and cold); a clean-running and long-lasting engine. Exceeds North American warranty requirements for U.S. European and Japanese cars and light trucks with gasoline and gasoline turbocharged engines where API SJ, SH or ILSAC GF-2 oils are specified. Passes European ACEA and Japanese valve train wear tests. Energy conserving.