Sanders The Boulevard Collection Milk Chocolates, Classic Assortment

Assortment Contains: Sea salt caramels, pecan torties, English toffee with dark drizzle, cherry cordials, cashew torties, latte cremes, caramels with dark drizzle. Est. 1875. Sanders premium hand packed assortment featuring our creamy milk chocolate covering our best selections. Certainly chocolate worth sharing. It was 1875. A young Bavarian confectioner with a borrowed barrel of sugar and a passionate dream set out to bring the finest confections to America. Over the years, Fred Sander's old-world recipes for chocolate, cakes and his famous original gourmet ice cream and shared toppings became the stuff of sweet legends. Sharing Sanders confections has become a hallmark of good taste as generations of customers enjoy Sanders to celebrate life's simple pleasures and important milestones. The Sanders tradition continues today with the same commitment to quality ingredients and original recipes used in our award-winning confections. Our milk chocolate hot fudge, small-batch crafted caramels, delectable chocolates and so much more can be found at Sanders Chocolate and Dessert Shops or online at