Changing the way America eats. Makes 2 lunch wraps! Two wheat tortillas; Louis Rich grilled chicken breast cuts with rib meat; Crispy whole wheat noodles; Mandarin orange sesame dressing; Jell-O Brand Sugar Free Raspberry Gelatin naturally and artificially flavored. 220 Calories. 21 g Protein. Good source of whole grain (at least 8 g per serving). South Beach Diet Wraps combine the perfect blend of ingredients - soft wraps, flavorful sauces or dressings, quality meats, and natural cheeses or crunchy toppings - for a taste sensation you'll love! Two wraps with dessert provide: 250 Calories or less; At least 14 g of fiber; At least 21 g of protein. The South Beach Diet teaches you to rely on the right carbs and the right fats, and to eat a variety of delicious foods that satisfy your appetite, while you watch your weight. And now, eating the South Beach Diet way has just gotten easier. I'm proud to join with Kraft to launch South Beach Diet foods. Together, we're committed to Changing the Way America Eats - Arthur Agatston, M.D./Author, The South Beach Diet. Phases 2&3. Noodles a product of Canada.