Stella Rosa Wines, Seductive And Delicious, Stella Pink, Stella Rosso, Semi-Sweet, Il Conte, 1917

Stella Pink: A low alcohol grape wine specialty with natural flavors. Stella Rosso: A low alcohol grape wine. Stella Pink: Gluten Free. Stella Rosso: Gluten free. Wine specialty. Riboli 1917 selection. (hashtag)Stellabrate: Keep in touch! Be sure to share your Stella stories with us by posting with the (hashtag)stellabrate. Facebook: stellarosa. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube. Stella Pink: Alc 5% by vol. Stella Rosso: Alc 5.5% by vol. Stella Rosso: Bottled By: CA. I. VI. P. SPA - S. Stefano Belbo-I-Italia. Stella Pink: Produce by: I. V. A. S. S. S.P.A. - S. Stefano Belbo-I-Italia. Stella Pink: Product of Italy. Stella Rosso: Product of Italy.