Sunridge Farms Organic Milk Chocolate Raisins

USDA organic. Our Sunridge Farms Organic Candies & Confections: Are USDA organic, certified by QAI; Use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our growing methods; Contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors. SunRidge Farms is pleased to present our delectable line of Certified Organic Candies & Confections. We have carefully crafted the old time flavors of traditional favorites and also offer new, delicious and colorful varieties to choose from. All of our candies use only real organic ingredients, including organic vanilla & chocolate. This assures you of a wholesome approach to the enjoyment of quality confections. We also offer a full line of bulk & packaged USDA certified organic and all natural nuts & seeds, dried fruits, snack & trail mixes, candies & confections, and herbs & spices. We provide substantial donations toward organic farming methods. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Certified organic by QAI.