Sweeneys Sonic Spike, Mole & Gopher

Since 1892. Drives moles & gophers away. 1 spike treats up to 7500 sq ft. Solar powered. Sonic pulses penetrate soil, driving rodents away! Drive moles, gophers and other rodents away. Solar powered, no batteries required. Sonic pulses emitted every 30 seconds. Mow-over design. Waterproof. Will not harm pets. One charge lasts 5 days. Solar Powered Sonic Spike Model 9014: Power Supply: 2.4V DC. Battery: AA Ni-MH 600 mAh (included). Battery Life: Up to 5 days without recharge. Weight: 4 ounces. Dimensions: 2-5/8 inch x 11-3/8 inch. Frequency: 400 Hz. Duty Cycle: 30 seconds. Coverage: 7500 sq ft (1/6 acre). Satisfaction guaranteed. Made in China.