Individually sealed tea sachets. Premium whole leaf tea in innovative silken pyramid tea bags. Rooibos tea, also known as red bush tea, comes from an Aspalathus Linearis plant, which is indigenous to South Africa. Fresh from nature, naturally caffeine-free and low in tannin. Rooibos tea contains healing medicinal properties that are beneficial in treating a variety of health issues. Our Rooibos Mandarin Twist is a top grade Rooibos tea with a blend of natural mandarin orange flavor creating a delicious, fruity, smooth, well-balanced and refreshing taste. About Our Innovative Silken Pyramid Sachet Tea Bag: The unique pyramid shape provides the largest volume allowing the tea leaves to expand fully as they are infused. A transparent bag which enables you to watch the leaves unfurl as they expand to fill the pyramid sachet. A special mesh material which allows water to easily circulate around and penetrate the tea leaves providing the richest flavor and aroma from our exotic premium loose tea blends. Convenience - Enjoy a premium loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. No staples - Traditional tea bags use metal staples, which can oxidize and alter the flavors. Our pyramid bag uses a hi-tech ultra-sound seal which allows you to enjoy the true and authentic aroma of a premium cup of tea. Good for multiple infusions.