Truvia Sweet Complete Calorie-Free Sweetener 16 oz

All-purpose calorie-free sweetener from the stevia leaf. 0 calories per serving. Gluten free. Suitable for people with diabetes. Non GMO. Certified by NSF. New! Great for baking! Measures cup for cup like sugar. Naturally sweet! (For more information about our ingredients visit Sweetens, bakes and measures like sugar. Simply 3 Ingredients: Stevia Leaf: Stevia leaf extract is born from the sweet leaf of the stevia plant, native to South America. Dried stevia leaves are steeped in water (or more information about our ingredients visit This unlocks the best tasting part of the leaf which is then purified to provide a calorie-free sweet taste. Chicory Root: Chicory root fiber is extracted from the roots of the chicory plant. Combined with the sweetness of stevia leaf extract and erythritol, it helps Truvia Sweet Complete Sweetener bake and brown in recipes. Erythritol: Erythritol is a natural sweetener, produced by a fermentation process. Erythritol is also found in fruits like grapes and pears. 1 tsp sugar = 1 tsp Truvia Sweet Complete Sweetener. Sweetens and measures cup for cup like sugar.