Viva Multi-Surface Cloth 2-Ply Choose-A-Sheet Big Rolls Towels 6 ea

83 2-ply sheets per roll. 11.0 x 5.9 in (27.9 x 14.9 cm). Total 224.4 sq ft (20.4 sq m). 6 big rolls = 9 regular rolls (Compared to Bounty Regular Roll 55 ct Select-A-Size). Like getting one more roll (Bounty Regular Roll Select-A-Size vs Bounty 6 Big Roll Select-A-Size pack). Traps mess 2x better when wet (vs our towels on dry mess. More durable when wet). Metal. Granite. Glass. Wood. Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Towels are cloth-like paper towels designed to lift and trap mess on any surface. With texture-weave and two sponge-like absorbent layers, Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Towels help you maintain an exceptional clean every day. An exceptional clean for the entire house! Viva Multi-Surface Cloth: cleans like cloth; more surfaces; lift and traps mess. Get coupons and learn more at If you have questions or comments, please call toll free 1-800-553-3639. Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.