Kills yellow nutsedge. For use on lawns. Kills 250+ types of weeds as listed. Visible results in 8 hours. Won’t harm lawns when used as directed. Kills down the root. Ready to use. This Product Contains: 0.018 lb 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid equivalent per gallon or 0.210%; 0.010 lb 3,7-dichloro-8-quinolinecarboxylic acid per gallon or 0.121%; 0.002 lb 3,6-dichloro-o-anisic acid equivalent per gallon or 0.024%; 0.001 lb N-[2,4-dichloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-y1]phenyl] methanesulfonamide per gallon or 0.015%; Isomer Specific by AOAC Method. Kills weeds including crabgrass - Not the lawn. Kills on contact. Rainfast in 3 hours. Product Facts: Where to Use: Lawns: Kills the weeds, not lawn. What it Does: Kills major broadleaf and troublesome grass weeds including dandelion, chickweed and clover as well as crabgrass, foxtail and yellow nutsedge. (See inside for complete list). Broadleaf Weeds Controlled: amaranth, purple; amaranth, slender; artichoke; aster, heath; aster, purple; aster, white heath; aster, white prairie; Austrian fieldcress; bedstraw, catchweed; bedstraw, northern; bedstraw, pineywoods; bedstraw, smooth; beggarticks, hairy; betony, Florida; bindweed, field; bindweed. Hedge; bitter wintercress; bittercress, hairy; bitterweed; black-eyed Susan; black medic; blood flower milkweed; blue lettuce; brass buttons; bristly oxtongue; broomweed; buckhom; bullnettle; burclover; burdock; burweed, lawn (spunveed); buttercup, bulbous; buttercup, creeping; buttonweed, common (poorjoe); buttonweed, Virginia; Carolina geranium (wild); carpetweed; catnip; catsear, spotted (false dandelion); chamber bitter; chickweed, common; chickweed, mouse ear; chickweed, sticky; chicory; cinquefoil; clover, alsike; clover, crimson; clover, hop; clover, rabbit foot; clover, red; clover, strawberry; clover, white; clover, white sweet; clover, yellow sweet; cockle; cocklebur; cocklebur, oriental; cocklebur, spiny; common mullein; corn spurry; creeping beggarweed; creeping Jenny (creeping Charlie); cudweed; cupid shaving brush; daisy, English; daisy, oxeye; dandelion, common; dandelion, false; day flower; deadnethe; dichondra; dock, broadleaf; dock, curly; dogbane; dogfennel; dollarweed (pennywort); doveweed; elderberry; false sunflower; false flax; fiddleneck; filaree, redstem; filaree, whitestem; fleabane, daisy (annual); fleabane, rough; galinsoga, hairy; galinsoga, smallflower; goldenrod; ground ivy; groundsel; gumweed; hairy fleabane; hawkweed, meadow; hawkweed, mouse ear; hawkweed, orange; hawkweed, yellow; healall; heartiest drymary; hemp; henbit; hoary cress; horsenettle; horseweed; jimsonweed; Johnny-jump up violet; knawel; knotweed, prostrate; kochia; lambsquarters; lespedeza; mallow, alkali; mallow, bristly; mallow, common; mallow, dwarf; mallow, Venice; marcela; matchweed; Mexican weed; moneywort; morning glory, bigroot; morning glory, Ivyleaf; morning glory, Mexican; morning glory, red; morning glory, tall; morning glory, woolly; mugwort; mustard, ball; mustard, black; mustard, blue; mustard, hedge; mustard, Indian; mustard, tansy; mustard, tumble; mustard, white; mustard, wormseed; nettle, stinging (burning); nettle, tall; nettle, wood; parsley-pied; parsnip; pearlwort; pennycress (Frenchweed); pepper weed, perennial; pepperweed, Virginia (peppergrass); pigweed, prostrate; pigweed, redroot; pigweed, Russian; pigweed, smooth; pigweed, tumble; pineapple weed; plains coreopsis (tickseed); plantain, blackseed; plantain, bracted; plantain, broadleaf; plantain, buckhorn; plantain, hoary; plantain, narrowleaf; plantain, slender; plantain, woolly; poison ivy; poison oak; pokeweed; prairie sunflower; prickly lettuce (compass plant); prickly sida; prostrate knotweed; puncturevine; Purslane, common; pusley, Brazil; pusley, Florida; pusley, large flower; ragweed, bur; ragweed, common; ragweed, lanceleaf; ragweed, western; redstem filaree; rough cinquefoil; scarlet pimpernel; shepherds purse; smartweed, ladysthumb; smartweed, pale; smartweed, Pennsylvania; smooth chaff-flower; smooth dock; sorrel, red (sheep); sowthistle, annual; sowthistle, spiny; Spanish needles; speedwell, bi-lobed; speedwell, common; speedwell, corn; speedwell, ivyleaf; speedwell, Persian; speedwell, purslane; speedwell, slender; speedwell, snow; speedwell, thymeleaf; spiny amaranth; spurge, spotted; spurge, prostrate; spurweed; star of Bethlehem; strawberry, Indian mock; tansy ragwort; tanweed; thistle, blessed; thistle, bull; thistle, Canada; thistle, flodman (prairie); thistle, musk; thistle, platte; thistle, plumeless; thistle, Russian; thistle, Scotch; thistle, wavyleaf; thistle, yellow (horrible); trailing crownvetch; velvetleaf; vervain, blue; vervain, hoary; vervain, prostrate; vervain, tall; vetch, bird; vetch, hairy; vetch, milk; vetch, narrowleaf; vetch, wild; Virginia creeper; western clematis; western salsify; wild aster; wild buckwheat; wild carrot; wild four-o-clock; wild garlic; wild lettuce; wild marigold wild mustard (yellow rocket); wild onion; wild parsnip; wild radish; wild rape; wild strawberry; wild sweet potato; wild violet; woodsorrel, creeping; woodsorrel, violet; woodsorrel, yellow (oxalis); woolly croton; wormseed; yarrow, common; yarrow, western; yarrow, yellow. Grassy Weed Controlled: crabgrass, large and smooth; foxtail, green, giant and yellow; yellow nutsedge. www.spectracide.com. Questions or Comments? Call 1-800-917-5438 or visit our website at www.spectracide.com.