Wedding Show

– Starbucks gets you through the guest list, wine gets you through the seating chart. Price Cutter has both!

– Flowers from Ruby’s Market help rack up Daughter-In-Law points with Mom, a 6-pack helps with Dad. But everyone loves a sweet treat from the bakery at Ruby’s Market!

– Snacks and drinks for the party bus are a MUST! Order a sandwich tray from Price Cutter or Ruby’s deli to keep everyone smiling for pictures!

– Out of town guests love a good welcome basket! Ruby’s Market offers several products from local vendors – why not include something made right here in the 417?

– Consider small bags of chocolate covered almonds or espresso beans as party favors! Buy in bulk from Ruby’s Market to save you time and money!

– Brunch themed showers are trending! Keep it simple by ordering a few fruit and pastry trays from Price Cutter for the party. The only work left for you will be popping the champagne!

– Don’t forget about ordering boutonnieres for the wedding officiant, ushers, grandfathers, and ring bearers! Keep everyone looking sharp and feel included in the day!

– Floral and greenery garlands are hot right now! Consider adding garland to the top of your seating chart, the gift table, the head table, the bar – possibilities are endless!

– Consider a crown made of flowers or greenery for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Mix and match colors and textures for a unique fashion accessory!

– Try featuring a small wedding cake at each guest table, encouraging everyone to mingle if they want a different flavor. The happy couple cuts into a personal cake in front of everyone, and cake is served family style!

– Cake not your thing? Price Cutter offers a gourmet tiered “cake” made out of cheese! Offer a dessert charcuterie spread instead of traditional cake for a unique spin!

– Food bars are a hot trend for weddings! Consider a fancy cheese bar including Fig and Triple Crème Brie Torte, Sartori Bellavitano Espresso, or even a full gourmet cheese wedding cake for a unique theme!

– The DJ or Band for the reception starts the party and keeps it going all night. Pick up a 6-pack of craft beer from Ruby’s Market for an unexpected “Thank You!” (Tip them extra if they do a great job!)

– For the day after, serve a light meal while you open your wedding presents with family and friends! Plan ahead, and order a few party trays from the Price Cutter Deli to keep things easy!

– Give your guests a sweet surprise at the end of the night with a donut and coffee bar! Clyde’s donuts from Price Cutter bakery are a delicious finish to the perfect day.