Tucked inside certain Price Cutter locations is a familiar friend to help you start your day, take a break from your grocery-shopping spree, or provide an office away from the office. Starbucks baristas are ready to prepare you all of your favorite drinks, from hot or iced coffee and blended Frappuccinos to juice, Tazo tea, baked goods, and more. Leave a few minutes early for school or work, and drop by for your favorite Starbucks beverage to go.

Free Wireless Internet

Need to get away from the office, study with friends or catch up on emails? We have free wireless Internet access, so bring your laptop surf while you sip.

Starbucks Nutrition

Giving in to a delicious treat doesn't have to mean giving up your waistline. Here's a list of 20 delicious beverages under 200 calories. Go ahead. You deserve it.

If you'd prefer to look up nutrition information on your favorite Starbucks beverages, see the nutrition menu here.

Text Message Starbucks Locator

If you are ever out and about, wondering where you can find the nearest Starbucks, the solution is simple. All it takes is one text message on your cell phone. Send the zip code of your current location to MYSBUX (697289), and you'll soon receive the three stores closest to that zip code.